Laughter Lines

Nasolabial LinesWhat are nasolabial lines?? Some people call them laughter lines, for many they are no laughing matter.

Yes, nasolabial lines are another area of the face that can deepen with age or be affected by the twin forces of the elements and environment.

Do you have to put up with them?? At Elizabeth Facial Aesthetics we say NO.

There are two ways to treat these unsightly and quite frankly irritating lines, each treatment applied on its own is effective.

You may wish to go for one or the other this is dependent on your desired results.

However, if you truly wish to go to war on those unsightly nasolabial lines a combination of both treatments can be highly effective.

Treatment 1. Elizabeth will use a specialist technique that involves adding cheek filler while slightly pulling on the skin to lift the area the injection will then anchor the filler just enough to reduce the lines….. this will also give you the added “bonus” of beautiful cheekbones

Treatment 2. Elizabeth can inject filler in carefully pre-mapped out areas to fill any deep lines. Elizabeth will then take the time to massage the filler to reduce any lumpiness for a natural effect!!

The results are immediate and will improve for the next two days.

* There is a small risk of slight bruising.

Cheek augmentation £300 per 1ml
Nasolabial folds £300 per 1ml

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Elizabeth is a fully registered nurse with 16 years experience she is fully certified to administer Anti Wrinkle and Dermal Filler injections


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